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NOTE: This project has been moved to Github and can be found here (.NET). 

NOTE: A Java version of the library can be found here (Java).

Mathos is a collection of tools for any kinds of mathematical calculations. It allows you to work with shapes, finance, unit conversions, and more!

Mathos is single library that contains different functions in areas like: Arithmetic, Coordinate Geometry, Fractions. For the moment, it's not quite finished, and more features will be added.

NEW: We have launched a new support site, Q&A style:

PM> Install-Package Mathos

The second part of this project is a Math Parser. At this development stage, you should be able to do a lot of cool stuff with it, for instance, customize functions, add variables, before and on the run time. You can also add and/or edit operators, and change the way they should behave.

Find out more at!

Mathos Project is currently taking a part in the Microsoft BizSpark programme, and we would like to extend a very special thanks to Microsoft BizSpark program for providing us with development tools, and other benefits of the programme! You can find out more about Microsoft BizSpark at!


  • Perform basic and more complex calculations with Fractions.
  • Convert different units (length, speed, mass, area, volume), and numeral systems.
  • Include Coordinates to perform simple and more advanced calculations such as Slope, MidPoint, Distance.
  • Perform calculations with geometrical shapes (2 dimensional), such as Circles, Squares, Rectangles, Triangles, Parallelograms, Trapezoids and also (3 dimensional), Cubes, Spheres, Square pyramids, Rectangular prisms, Right circular cones and Right circular cylinders.
  • Use the Mathos's Syntax, to calculate with less code typing.
  • Make financial calculations.
  • Parse simple and more advanced expressions with a Math Parser.
  • Write ruby (IronRuby) scripts using Mathos with MCLI (Mathos Core Library Interpreter)
  • And of course, there are lots of other cool features available in Mathos!

How to use

Some applications based on Mathos you can find in our Lab.

Also check Tutorial:

(and more!)

Find comprehensive documentation here.



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  3. Contribute with code
  4. Design the documentation

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